Recommend me intelligently


We are all Internet users. Huge amounts of data is now available with an exponential growth in the last decades. Hundreds of hours every month spent in browsing and in searching activities. It often seems to me as a battle when driving myself to the interested final page without being interrupted by advertisements, pop-ups, banners, dialogue windows, feedback requesting, filling forms, non-relevant pages and obsolete information. However, we all accept it every day resigned to the fact that this is the norm in user interface experiences (and then we read articles about applying excellence in UX). A kind of feeling similar to being abandoned but also conscious that nothing else could help us.

In fact, not a person, but an algorithm could. Yes, as we read from news, everything on the Internet is a mix of the human and inhuman and automated algorithms play a very big role in some services. One of these services is the recommender system or the recommendation engine. I will face this issue just in a moment.

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